MuMuDVB (Multi Multicast DVB) is a program for streaming TV over a network originally based on dvbstream.

MuMuDVB can redistribute a stream from a DVB source (digital satellite television, digital terrestrial television, digital cable television, or ATSC) on a network, in multicast or in HTTP unicast. Its main feature is to take a whole transponder and put each channel on a different multicast group with a simple configuration and improved compatibility with set top boxes. MuMuDVB have a low memory and CPU footprint and is able to run on embedded platforms. Servers with 20+ DVB cards are used sucessfully with MuMuDVB with uptimes > 2 years.

MuMuDVB works under linux and uses the linux DVB API. It’s free software, and released under the terms of the GPLv2.

Some features:

  • hardware descrambling using Conditionnal Access Modules
  • software descrambling
  • DVB-S2 via linuxtv’s S2API
  • Automatic detection of the transponder channels, and follow of the transponder changes
  • Generation of SAP announces
  • Monitoring via webservice
  • IPv6 support

For a detailled features list, please refer to the documentation

What is multicast ?

IP Multicast is a technique for one to many communication over an IP infrastructure. It scales to a larger receiver population by not requiring prior knowledge of who or how many receivers there are. Multicast utilizes network infrastructure efficiently by requiring the source to send a packet only once, even if it needs to be delivered to a large number of receivers. The nodes in the network take care of replicating the packet to reach multiple receivers only where necessary.


For downloading MuMuDVB please go here


How to run it ? How to configure it ? Everything is in the documentation


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