MuMuDVB 2.0.0

This version is the latest development version, directly taken from the latest code. But you can consider it stable.

MuMuDVB 1.7.3

This version is the old stable version.

Old MuMuDVB versions If you are curious, you can browse all old MuMuDVB versions on github

Raspberry pi

MuMuDVB 2.1.0 for RPi (March 2017)

MuMuDVB 2.0.0 for RPi (February 2017)

MuMuDVB 2.0.0 for RPi (October 2016)

MuMuDVB 2.0.0 for RPi (April 2016)

MuMuDVB 2.0.0 for RPi

MuMuDVB 1.7.3 for RPi

Debian Package

MuMuDVB Debian package

MuMuDVB is in version 2 in debian multimedia

Source code

MuMudvb is on Github

On this website you will be able to browse the code and follow the changes

In order to get the repository use : git clone git://

If you want more information about git you can have a look to the Git tutorial or the Git faq


See the documentation

Other distributions/platforms

If you know how to make packages for Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu and any other distro, MuMuDVB needs you. I will be happy to include your packaging on the main site and support you for inclusion in distributions. Thank you !